How to Find a Lost FireStick Remote?

Find a Lost FireStick Remote

It is the oldest mystery. Household items often vanish into thin air without a trace. The annoying reality of every modern household. You know it is there somewhere, but you are never going to find it again.

Losing your FireStick remote is not pleasant. That tiny remote can be hidden anywhere, under your bed, behind the sofa gap, or deep inside your kid’s treasure chest. Once you have made your diligent effort to no avail, it is time to look into the alternative.

Can you track your FireStick remote with a GPS or does it make a sound?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is a no. The FireStick remote does not come with a GPS tracker, nor does it include a sound unit.

In many instances, devices that are GPS-chipped allow users to track their location on other devices through an app.

It precisely pinpoints the whereabouts of the device so you will not lose sight of it. Better yet, some devices even come with the beeping sound function. With just one press, the device will start beeping non-stop until you have reached the said device and deactivated it.

This would have been the perfect scenario, whether you have lost your FireStick remote at home or elsewhere. But it is not as easy with this one. The FireStick remote itself does not include any of these features. Therefore, if you lose the physical one, you have to rely on your memory and detective skills to find it.

What happens if you can’t find your FireStick remote?

Connect to the Fire TV App on your phone

The FireStick remote is not the only steering wheel onboard. Install the Amazon Fire TV App on your smartphone to navigate and browse everything with it. You can use your phone to control your FireStick exactly as the remote.

This is a popular way for users to use their FireStick even if the remote is not lost. Giving commands, especially typing and text inputting, is faster on the phone. You can still use it to control Alexa as well.

Use your mouse and keyboard

As long as your mouse and keyboard come with the Bluetooth connection feature, you can connect them to your FireStick and use them as if you are on your laptop. Then, the FireStick is almost acting like a giant screen for your personal cinematic experience.

Usually, the FIrestick remote is not the most supreme when it comes to web browsing as the rigid remote style limits what users can do with it. Having a traditional mouse and keyboard connected gives a fast surfing capability and stability.

Switch to the universal remote

The original FireStick remote is not the only physical remote that can control your FireStick. On the market, there are an abundant amount of alternatives for users to choose from. You can replace the FireStick remote with another existing remote in the household should the option be available.

Getting a universal remote makes it easier to manage your storage space. You do not have to switch between the remotes each time and can enjoy everything at once.

Get another FireStick remote

You can use the FireStick remote that comes with your other Fire TV products if you have a spare one. They do not have to be the exact model to work. If you decide nothing else can replace your FireStick remote, getting a new one is reasonable as it will only cost $28. The FireStick remote is compatible with all Fire TV devices. If you have an Alexa or are using other Fire TV products, you should get a new remote.

Pairing the replacement with the FireStick is simple, but you do need to connect it to your Fire TV App first to go through the steps. Once you are done, you can delete the app and get back to the most authentic FireStick experience.

Tips on keeping track of your FireStick remote

1. Get a remote stand

If you have only one remote (the FireStick remote) in the house, get a remote stand for it. Either put it directly in front of the TV or on the table stand next to it. That way, you are constantly reminded to put it back and will notice straight away that the remote is not where it is supposed to be.

A remote stand is a charismatic addition for households with just a few remotes to look after. It adds to the lively atmosphere and makes counting your devices a manageable task.

2. Designate a basket for all remotes

As a member of the thriving modern society with dozens of gadgets lying around, it is very easy to lose sight of an electronic device. It is a good practice and habit to place similar items together.

Get a basket for all your remotes. The habit of placing everything together will turn into a routine. This way, you will always instinctively put back the remote after use every time, thus minimizing the risk of misplacing it.

The basket should be visible from where you enjoy the entertainment unit. A well-hidden basket means you likely will forget about it and will not place the items back.

3. Put a tracking device on it

This is not excessive at all, especially if you have the constant need to bring the remote out of the house or you have small children who like to hide every ‘treasure’ they see. The tracking device can be an AirTag or anything you can buy from Amazon or other platforms.

Choose a small tracking device so you can stick it to the back of the remote. These tracking devices are monitored by apps. All you have to do is pair it with your phone or other smart devices and you can keep track of the movement of your remote anytime.

4. Reduce the number of remotes you have

A fundamental issue with losing a remote is the sheer volume of remotes you have in the house. When you have an overwhelming amount of remotes to tend to, it is natural to lose track of some after a while.

With the introduction of universal remotes, you can reduce the number of remotes you have. Aside from the FireStick, there are plenty of multimedia platforms, apps, and other entertainment units that are fully compatible with a universal remote.

It is much easier to keep track of one remote instead of 10. For those that have numerous devices connected, this is a quick fix to this horrendous problem.

5. Keeping it out of reach of children and pets

Everything is an adventure for young toddlers and pets. Once they get a hold of your device and stash it somewhere, no amount of candy interrogation will push the truth out. They will not remember where they have stashed it or are unable to relay that to you. Small devices have an unspeakable charm that entices children and pets to tear them open and inspect every unit.

Unless you have the brain of a detective, your FireStick remote is lost. And even if you find it in the end, it is likely to have been broken, not to mention the physical risk it poses to the children and pets.

Keep the remote reachable only to the responsible adults in the house. Instead of casually putting it on the table, store it away in a drawer or on top of the cabinet that your toddler or pet cannot reach or see.

6. Go remote-less

As plain as day, if there is no remote, you cannot possibly lose it. Going remoteless is the current trend as it is stylish to live in a high-tech home with minimal devices. You can connect your FireStick to your smartphone. For many users, it gives easier navigation and quicker input.

Having a physical device is no longer a much-needed way of living. Going remoteless is the future trend and can save you the hassle of going through the pile of remotes to look for the FireStick remote.


Losing your FireStick remote is an unbearable thought. It is a hideous process to hunt down the missing device. If there is one thing to take away, it is to take the precaution, so you never have to let yourself through this misery. Take notes on how to keep your FireStick remote safe and always accounted for so you can enjoy the entertainment unit uninterrupted.

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