How To Get Apple Music On FireStick in 2024?

Get Apple Music On FireStick

You might wonder why you would want to have music on your TV, seeing as most of the time, music comes from your phone or your radio. But actually, many people get Apple Music on their FireStick device to listen to their favorite songs on television for several reasons.

Want to entertain a large crowd and don’t have real speakers handy? Using Apple Music with television speakers can be a great idea. It’s also handy just to have some nice background noise without constantly having to keep track of your phone. Additionally, if you have a podcast or audiobook you want everyone to listen to, why not throw it up on the big screen?

After all, no one likes having to huddle over a phone or iPad or share earbuds. Streaming the content to your FireStick can improve the experience.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for why you might put Apple Music on your FireStick, the rest of this article is going to explain how!

Before You Can Install Apple Music — Do This

To start things off, you can’t stream your Apple Music directly onto your FireStick because the Apple Music app isn’t on the Amazon Fire TV.

However, if your Amazon Fire TV is supported by Alexa, then you can use the Apple Music skill to stream music to several devices, including your FireStick.

So first, let’s look at how to enable the Apple Music Skill using Alexa.

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to ‘More.’
  • Then go to ‘Skills and Games.’
  • Then go into the search bar and type in Apple Music, selecting it when it comes up.
  • Then hit enable and go back to the Settings menu.
  • Next, you will want to tap ‘Link Account.’
  • Enter your Apple ID and password, and then enter the two-factor code from the Apple device, and then allow your accounts to be linked.

Now everything is connected, and you can start listening to your Apple Music on your FireStick.

Streaming Apple Music Through Your FireStick

  • Turn on the TV and make sure your FireStick is on and properly connected.
  • Then take your Fire TV remote (or the Fire TV app) and activate the microphone.
  • Once the microphone is active, you just need to say, “Alexa, play Apple Music.”
  • Then your FireStick will start playing Apple Music, often a random song based on your activity.

You can specify what music you want to be played by saying, “Alexa, play (Artist’s name) radio on Apple Music” for random songs, and “Alexa, play (genre) on Apple Music” for music in a specific genre. Similar commands can be used to get even more specific.

You can also control what happens to the music by using your FireTV remote. You can pause a song and play it again, skip songs with the forward and back buttons, and use the home button to go back to the menu when done.

How To Get Started With Apple Music?

Now, if you have never done anything with Apple Music, you likely won’t have anything to play. Therefore, you will need to create an account to fully use Apple Music. Apple Music does come with a free trial, as well as options for individual and family plans. Apple hosts over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists that are curated by experts, and you can navigate them by simply asking Siri.

Plus, you can also get access to original shows, concerts, and exclusives. Plus, live and on-demand radio stations hosted by artists! All just by signing up, plus Apple Music is designed to work on all of your Apple devices as well.

However, if the idea of simply signing up for another streaming service just makes you want to scream, it is also very easy to add your music to Apple Music for free! You just turn your music files into MP3s and then drag and drop them into the program!

So once you sign up, you can pick an artist, playlist, or radio station that you like and simply tell Alexa to play it on your TV through your FireStick!

Can I Stream Apple Podcasts Through My FireStick?

If music isn’t your thing and you want to delve into Apple Podcasts, then you will be happy to know that you can stream your favorite podcasts through the Apple Podcast app for free. You just need to link your Apple Podcasts account the same way you linked Apple Music, and then you can say, “Alexa play (podcast name).”

Your Podcast will start to play, and you can control it through your Amazon Fire TV remote. Then you can swap back and forth between your podcasts and your music as often as you wish!

Can I Listen To Other Music And Audio Services On My FireStick?

If you have your musical accounts and tastes spread out over several websites, you might wonder if you can stream those too. Or maybe you love listening to your favorite author on Audible but don’t want to have earbuds in your ears while you move around the house and do chores.

Well, you can use your FireStick or smart TV to stream all your apps! Check out your smart TV and what apps they offer for streaming. Most of the smart TV brands will have the most popular options (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Sirius XM, etc.), but of course, it will vary.

Then you can open your music player of choice, log into your account, or connect the app, and start streaming away!

Additionally, podcasts and audiobooks can be streamed with your FireStick, but they sometimes take a bit more work. Be sure to look at the directions for your specific podcast player or app and then follow them to get them working with your FireStick.

Most of the steps are the same when it comes to getting the apps connected, but take the time to follow the directions carefully, and then you can stream your favorite content right to your television!

Cool Features Of Apple Music

Of course, Apple Music isn’t just something that you can stream on your TV, but it is also a service that comes with a lot of free features that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the cool things you can do with Apple Music, and surprisingly these are cool things that most people just don’t know about.

First, if you have a random playlist going and you really find yourself enjoying a certain song, you can scroll down with your remote and tap the artist’s name.

The song will keep playing, but a screen will pop up telling you the artist, album description, and tracklist. Perfect if you decide that you really like a certain band or style of music and really want to hear more of it!

Additionally, you can also create your radio stations to play a mix of music based on an artist, album, or song. For example, if you decide you want to hear some country music and nothing else, then you can go to the artist/album’s name that you want your station to be inspired by and hit the three red dots by the name.

Then hit the Create Station button, and you will get a radio station inspired by the artist or album in question. However, do be wary. You can’t delete a radio station or edit it once it is created.

The radio stations you make are then placed on the Recently Played area of the radio tab, and they stay there until more stations bump them off. Keep that in mind if you want to keep a station around.

Finally, Siri can get in on the action, and you can use her as a DJ. Tell her to play a song, album, or playlist, but you can also say things like “Play the number one song from 1990” or “Play the number one song from September 1997.” You can even tell her to “Play the rest of the album,” and the rest of the tracks will be queued up!

Experiment And Enjoy!

Whether you are streaming Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, or another application entirely through your Amazon FireStick, you can experiment with what the FireStick and the Alexa voice support can do for you. Discover new music that you wouldn’t have found otherwise and seamlessly transition songs when listening to music from your phone to your TV. It is very easy to get Apple Music on your FireStick.

So take all that extra time you would have spent fiddling with settings and instead figure out how to make Apple Music exactly what you need it to be. Then get your favorite playlists set up and start playing your favorite tunes through your television speakers!

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