How To Connect Your FireStick to WiFi Without the Remote?

Find a Lost FireStick Remote

Keeping your FireStick remote with you at all times can be a luxury some cannot afford. For frequent travelers, it is easy to misplace a tiny item such as the FireStick remote. Or for parents with young kids and pets, you do not need a reason to lose your remote. Household items just vanish by themselves thanks to the naughty devils.

Now, you can always order a new remote to replace the lost one. But time is of the essence. You do not want to go FireStick-less wherever you go even for a few days. Before your replacement arrives, there is a quick fix to connect your FireStick to a WiFi spot without the remote.

This hack is highly useful when you travel around. Keep your FireStick remote at home and still enjoy the unlimited streaming experience brought by possibly the best entertainment service provider.

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3 ways to connect FireStick to WiFi without the remote

Your Amazon FireStick remote is not the only bridge that connects you to Neverland. There are quite a few ways for you to enjoy FireStick’s services without having a remote. In all of the solutions presented, you will need some extra tools to replace the remote. Most of the items are daily household items so you do not need to spend additional money on them.

1. Connect your smartphone to the Amazon Fire TV

The easiest way to solve this is to connect your FireStick to your smartphone. If you already own a FireStick, you would have a smartphone. It works for both Android and IOS devices. Go to the App Store or Google Play and search Amazon Fire TV. Install the app on your device.

Once the installation is finished, open the app and connect it to the same WiFi spot you use for your FireStick. The app will be able to scan the device connected. The pairing is done automatically after you log into your account.

Then, the remote interface will pop up on the Amazon Fire TV app and you can navigate your FireStick with your smartphone. The screen will turn into your remote. If you integrate the FireStick with your smartphone, you have one less worry about the FireStick remote running out of juice and changing the battery every once in a while. Everything is neatly organized and you can get rid of a few more items that take up unnecessary space.

It comes in handy for travelers who want to keep their luggage to a minimum. A lot of people rely on their smartphones to make a series of commands and keep the physical FireStick remote in the attic. The response rate on the Amazon Fire TV stick is also considerably more stable since the remote sometimes suffers from connection issues and bad signal problems. The reception on the smartphone is more reliable.

2. Get a universal remote

You can use an HDMI-CEC remote to control not only the FireStick but essentially all electronic devices for your TV. This type of remote is widely known as the universal remote. They are available in every Walmart and home appliance store. They serve exactly like how your normal FireStick remote would and connect the device to your WiFi instantly.

There are several types that you can choose from. From design to functionality, each remote can fulfill your needs in different aspects. Some universal remotes come with fewer buttons that are aimed at simpler streaming apps. Others are more complicated so that they can satisfy your gaming and other needs.

A universal remote allows you to interchange among all the programs and apps you have freely. There is no need to drop the remote at hand and bust your head around the house to find the correct one when you are changing apps.

As the name suggests, a universal remote is guaranteed to work on every platform, including your FireStick. However, since the design varies greatly, you may find some universal remotes more compatible with the devices you have than others. Go through what devices and apps you have so you can choose the best one for your needs.

3. Use Echo or Echo bot

If you are unable to download the My Fire TV app or reach a universal remote to connect the device to your WiFi, the last fix you have is the Echo bot. With the Echo bot, after you have paired the device to your WiFi and set up the account, it will connect to your Amazon FireStick account.

Then, you can use voice commands to control your FireStick. Echo bot is on the high-end of navigating your FireStick. With the commands you give, you can connect it to the WiFi, stream the unlimited video content, and download new apps to the system.

Some people certainly find the Echo bot more endearing because you can completely get rid of the need to control the FireStick physically. You can order the device like a boss. But as expected, this method is not for everyone. After all, some people prefer the tangible feeling of being able to navigate your TV with your fingers. Still, the Echo bot is a good option to temporarily replace your FireStick remote should you ever need to connect it to your WiFi urgently.

Do you need a FireStick remote?

In the unfortunate case that you have lost your FireStick, do you really need to replace it with a new one or should you consider sticking with one of the solutions above?

Theoretically, unless you have any dire personal reasons that require you to physically touch the FireStick remote to be satisfied, there is not a real need to buy another one. You can control your FireStick with all the solutions above. There is not a reduction in the experience level. Everything you have done with the physical remote can be replicated.

Most people will opt out of the physical remote control life and go digital or combine all the remotes in one. The logical reasoning behind this is that modern people no longer want to deal with too many physical items that are hoarded in the household. The more items you have, the less physical space you can enjoy. Besides, modern ideology tells society that technology should combine everything in one.

There are numerous benefits to using the above methods. For example, if you connect your FireStick using the Amazon Fire TV, your smartphone is likely to have a much better voice command reception than the traditional FireStick remote, which was sometimes criticized by users for not being able to recognize voice commands accurately.

Having too many remotes also creates a messy household. Sometimes, you are not even sure which device it connects to. Having an all-in-one remote gives you more mobility as you can travel with your entertainment units without looking like a repairman or TV salesman.

Financially speaking, a universal remote is usually more affordable than replacing the FireStick as well. There are lots of manufacturers producing universal remotes at an affordable price. So you are paying less to enjoy more as it gets all your TV devices under control.

So far, there have only been benefits to integrating your FireStick remote. That being said, owning a FireStick remote has its merits, of course. For starters, the joy of navigating your FireStick with its factory remote gives a sense of privilege. It is a premium feeling knowing that you are enjoying one of the most prestigious entertainment hubs. The sense of recognition is irreplaceable for some people.

How to safely connect your FireStick to the internet?

It is frightening to think that every time you are connected to the internet, there is a risk. Sadly, it is a reality. Hackers and criminals can easily access your profile, personal details, and payment methods if you are connected to an unprotected WiFi spot like public WiFi.

Connection risks

Whenever you go online, you are exposing yourself to a world of experts who can drain every last bit of information from you. As horrible as it sounds, online scams and identity thefts are happening every day because people are unaware of the risks and the ways to protect themselves. You need to go the extra mile to safeguard your security. There is so much about you in your Amazon FireStick profile and you surely do not want someone else to access it.

Using a VPN

Installing a VPN is the best way to safely connect your devices to the internet, including your FireStick. Consider the VPN a secret agent that masks your digital traits and hides your exact location from the public eye. It diverts your online path, making it seem like you are in a different location than you are.

Hacking into your device with the VPN activated is tough. Although nothing can shield you from online attacks 100%, it does drastically reduce the chance of you being targeted as criminals will go for the easier options.

It is always recommended that you keep the VPN activated to avoid data leakage. Even if there is nothing malicious going on, public WiFi can still take your information to use in their market analysis, which is not appealing to most people. You want to keep your information truly to yourself.

Moreover, the most charming thing about a VPN is that when it changes your location, it opens up the entire world for you. Your streaming service will not be regionally restricted, meaning you can enjoy international movies and TV shows that are only available in other regions due to patent issues. This is probably the number one reason people get a VPN service provider.

You will not find a safer way than a VPN for your FireStick. Since the FireStick stores and draws content from other apps and sources, it is highly vulnerable to viruses, particularly if you install third-party apps from unknown sources. Get a VPN and you are always protected.


Whether you have lost your FireStick remote or getting rid of it on purpose, you will find these solutions extremely useful. In the digital world, there is always a better option. Get one of the tools mentioned so you can try a different side of the Amazon FireStick that you did not know existed.

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